mercoledì, settembre 06, 2006

Five Things to Eat Before You DIE!

I discovered this new meme in the blog of my New Yorker friend Paz! I found it amazing but I had to think a lot before deciding what include in the list!

This is what finally I chose:

1.Pizza Napoletana (the original one): Last April I ate the real pizza in Napoli. I was at Spaccanapoli quarter in a Pizzeria called "Trianon". I chose the original version of pizza with tomato, mozzarella di bufala and oregano and it was an amazing experience! I always eat pizza, but in Napoli it's really different!

2. Risotto allo Zafferano: This was the first risotto I tasted in my life. First of all I like the colour: yellow , then the aroma and all the memories of my childhood that I have every time I eat it.

3.Fiori di Zucca Fritti:I started to appreciate fiori di zucca recently and now I can't live without! I like fiori di zucca in many ways but fried are a typical recipe of Rome. Usually they are filled with mozzarella and anchovies, but I appreciated also the recipes by Maria Giovanna and Piperita.

4.Chocolate Fudge Cake or Devil Cake:This is the most delicious cake that I ever ate! First of all I have to tell you that I'm a chocoholic, I can't live without! Unfortunately I tried twice to make this cake, but the result was really bad! I have to try again. This cake makes me think of my days in London: my colleague Louise used to offer Devil Cake every week with a nice cup of tea!I ate my last layer of cake in a pub in Polperro, in Cornwall....mouthwatering!

5.Roasted Chestnuts:There's nothing better, when autumn comes, that standing in front of the fireplace, listening some Frank Sinatra's songs while eating roasted chestnuts. Better if we had the chance to find the chestnuts during a walk in the wood. When I was a child my mum used to give us chestnuts every monday before the Shirley Temple's movies. What a strange child I was!


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gattina ha detto...

I totally agree on risotto allo zafferano!!! Oh my gosh I almost licked my plate so shiny like mirror! I wish I had chance to taste the pizza and fritti you mentioned too!
Saffron, thanks for visiting my previous post about Devil Food cake, I'm afraid I did that really long time ago and lost the recipe, but I'll bear in mind your request, will take my time to try again, if I find my result satisfactory then will update my entry, and definitely let you know again :D

Orchidea ha detto...

Anch'io adoro le castagne arrosto... e aspetto tutti gli anni l'arrivo dell'autunno con grande entusiasmo... qui in Svezia invece non sanno neanche cosa sono. Si riescono a trovare a volte, importate dall'Italia naturalmente...
Questo è un'altro meme che devo ancora fare...

Francesca ha detto...

mmmm che mi hai ricordato, le castagne. A Via Cola di Rienzo al famoso bar Pellacchia che fa dei gelati fenomenali, in autunno c'è il gusto la maronita, tutta marroni! Ne andiamo a prendere una coppa con panna insieme?

Paz ha detto...

I love your list! When I was younger, I loved Shirley Temple movies. Actually, I still do. ;-)


Maria Giovanna ha detto...

Mi fà davvero piacere sapere che hai apprezzato così tanto un mio piatto ;P

Tea ha detto...

Thanks for your comment on Tea & Cookies. I like seeing your list--I love zucchini blossoms as well. Now I just have to go to Napoli and eat pizza!